Countless novel routes for the production of bulk chemicals in a sustainable fashion.



Our technology prevents degradation of biomass fractions and is a powerful tool for their tailored functionalization.


Bloom provides 3 ranges of lignin products:

  • Lignin polymer: they are characterized by low molecular weights, high solubilities and available with a range of functionalities. Detailed characterization of our lignins demonstrates high purity and uniform structures. Uncondensed lignins are characterized by a light beige color and can be depolymerized under mild conditions.
  • Lignin monomers: pure aromatics are produced with high yields and selectivities
  • Lignin oligomers: aromatic oligomers are well-defined with low molecular weights and high solubilities.

Example of products: fragrances, flavors, polyurethanes, fuels, …


Bloom produces well deconstructed and delignified cellulose pulp.

Examples of products: textile fibers, packaging


Our functionalized sugars are the building blocks of tomorrows chemistry. Our main application is a patented bio-based and biodegradable plastic.

Example of products: packaging, materials