With our disruptive technologies, we provide product solutions that enable the transition from a linear, petro-based economy to a circular, plant-based one.

We deliver cost-competitive outcomes, with a lower environmental cost too!

Lignin polymer

Bloom’s technology delivers a pure, lignin biopolymer of well-known structure, which can be functionalized on-demand or deconstructed to yield sustainable phenolic monomers.

Highly crystalline cellulose

Bloom’s biorefining process yields extremely pure and highly crystalline cellulose, which is a more sustainable alternative to the current processes used in the pulp and paper industry. 

Functionalized sugars

Our biorefining process combines stabilisation and functionalization to yield bio-based building blocks.

Lignin polymer – water soluble

Bloom’s technology delivers a pure, non-condensed lignin biopolymer of well-known structure.

Lignin aromatic monomers

Bloom’s uncondensed lignin can be selectively depolymerised in high yields to aromatic monomers, with controlled functionalities

Lignin oligomers

Bloom’s lignin can be selectively deconstructed to yield high amounts of well-defined lignin oligomers.