Bloom Biorenewables Ltd


Making Biomass a true alternative to petroleum


Technology for Impact

Bloom converts biogenic carbons efficiently and sustainably

  Responsible production

Better conversion yields contribute to
resource efficiency

Climate action

Bloom enables the chemical industry
to become green & sustainable

Clean energy

valorisation of an under-utilised
provides a new source of green energy

A technology making
biomass utilisation competitive


Responsible, Clean & Sustainable


Our technology has the potential to create a global impact in the use of sustainable resources. By introducing a new route for the production of biorenewable products and fuels, we offer a sustainable alternative to fossil-based industries and contribute to mitigating climate change.

Countless novel routes for the production of bulk chemicals in a sustainable fashion.

Our technology offers the possibility to break through current limitations. With our aldehyde pretreatment method, we are able to efficiently separate the polysaccharides fraction (cellulose and hemicellulose) while stabilizing lignin polymers in a near native structure, thus preserving close to 100% of its ether bonds. This stabilized structure allows, for the first time, to valorize lignin to its full potential.






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