Bloom combines entrepreunarial experience and strong expertise in chemistry


Remy Buser

CEO & co-founder
Remy is a chemist by training with 5+ years of startup experience. He has also advised decision-makers on environmental bills and worked in the chemical industry in China. He is passionate about building teams, leveraging technologies and turning disruptive visions into sustainable businesses that have a global impact.



Dr. Florent Héroguel

COO & co-founder
Florent holds a Master degree from École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France) and a PhD in Chemistry from ETH Zürich. He is currently scientist at EPFL where he develops new processes for biomass valorization. He aims at leveraging his knowledge in chemistry and chemical engineering to take academic concepts to the market.

Jean Behaghel de Bueren

CSO – PhD student at EPFL
Jean is a chemical engineer with experience in the Flavor and Fragrance industry. He became fascinated by the new potential of biomass valorization thanks to the use of innovative technologies. His ambition to take part in the paradigm shift from a system where the renewability and the eco-responsability were constraints and become now profitable opportunities.


Prof. Jeremy Luterbacher

Co-founder – Assistant Professor at EPFL
Jeremy is at the head of the Laboratory of Sustainable and Catalytic Processing. He received his Ph.D. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Cornell University (2012) and performed a Postdoc at University of Wisconsin Madison (2012-2014). He received the ERC Starting Grant (2017) and was awarded University Latsis Prize (2019) and Werner Prize from Swiss Chemical Society (2019).



Jonathan Cohen

Board Member

Matthias Waehren

Board Member


Maxime Hedou

Head of materials at Bloom

Scientist at EPFL

Maxime obtained his Master degree focussing on fibres and bio-materials from UGA-Grenoble INP Pagora and perfomed an internship at Nestle Research Center.

Dr. Monique Figueirêdo

Senior scientist

Monique is a chemical engineer by training with experience in industry and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Groningen (the Netherlands). She has a strong background in biomass valorization strategies and circular economy. As a big enthusiast of biorefineries, her ambition is to support the development of novel biobased value chains and sustainable solutions at Bloom Biorenewables.



Gaspard Ky

Business Developer

Marcel Van Berkel

Business Expert

Marcel van Berkel studied Chemistry and Business Administration in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He worked for more than 30 years for corporate companies like Solvay and DSM. Marcel left DSM a few years back to expedite the growth of a start-up in the bio-based chemicals industry (GFBiochemicals). After completing this successfully, he started his own consultancy firm VanBerkel Consultancy.



Chloé Wegmann

Head of production – HEIA Fribourg

Vincent Pilloud

Chemical Engineer – HEIA Fribourg


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